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Drink Pal
Shelf Pal
Shopping Pal
Easy Box

Drink Pal

Protect your drinks from spills with the Drink Pal!

It’s designed with six sturdy arms to virtually hug your drink in place. Helps keep drinks from being blown over by the wind or knocked over accidentally.

  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Great for boats and RVs
  • Helps protect computers and electronics from spills
  • Silicone “feet” grip smooth surfaces and keeps drinks from sliding
  • Avoid accidental spills with kids’ drinks
  • Ground stake twists into place to use at beach, parks or uneven surfaces

MSRP 6 Count (6 coasters and 6 ground stakes): $29.99

Shelf Pal

Always looking for a place to sit that shampoo bottle and other toiletries in the shower, only to have them fall?

The Shelf Pal can make use of space and convert it into a handy shelf! No more fumbling for razors, soap, shampoo or conditioner! It snaps into place in seconds and is ready to work instantly. 

  • Use on hand railings near toilets or towel racks
  • Convert towel racks or shower doors into a handy shelf
  • Create new storage space to organize your toiletries
  • Easily snaps into place with easy assembly instructions
  • Makes a convenient space to clear up clutter

MSRP Set of 2: $24.99

Shopping Pal

Get all of your grocery or shopping bags inside with one trip only!

The Shopping Pal® is perfectly designed to help you comfortably carry up to 10 shopping bags in one hand. The ergonomic design is sturdy enough to hold several bags and stores conveniently in your purse or glove box.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sturdy enough to hold several bags
  • Eliminate finger strain and stress on hands
  • Bag handles lock into place, keeping them from rolling about in the car while driving
  • Stores conveniently in purse or glove box
  • Save multiple trips to the car
  • Great for people who live in dorms or high rises.

MSRP Set of 2: $19.99

Easy Box

Why lose precious space to clutter and mess?

The repositionable Easy Box® is the best at making the most of tight space and sticks to any smooth surface. Just try it!

The perfect storage solution:

  • Car - for tissues or other convenience items
  • Office - attach to desk or wall for office supplies
  • Workshop/Garage - for small tools and pencils
  • Lockers - pens, pencils, post-its
  • Bathroom - toothbrushes, make-up brushes and toiletries
  • Kitchen - small utensils
  • Desk/Offices

Manage the mess!

  • Stands on its own.
  • Positionable with Velcro® (included)
  • Or you can place it permanently

MSRP Set of 2: $19.99